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IMPULSE™ Cleaning Technology

Fuel Tech Air Pollution Control TechnologiesIMPULSE™ Cleaning Technology

Proactive, Effective, Non-erosive, On-line Boiler Cleaning System

The IMPULSE™ Cleaning System enhances boiler operation and minimizes high maintenance expenses associated with other cleaning methods. Lower steam use for sootblowers and reduced wash water provide short term savings, while reducing tube wear over time.

Approach Provides a High Level of Penetration, Which Can Significantly Increase Performance While Minimizing Tube Damage, Shield Damage and Operating Costs

IMPULSE jet propulsion cleaner Buildup, fouling, and slagging of boiler tubes and surfaces can diminish convective heat transfer, resulting in reduced efficiency that requires more fuel to maintain steam output. The powerful IMPULSE cleaning technology can augment or replace current cleaning systems used to dislodge buildup and deposits in boilers and heat exchangers.

The IMPULSE cleaning system uses controlled, repeated shockwave impulses to supply proactive, online cleaning, reducing operating costs and minimizing tube and shield damage.

Using ground-breaking jet propulsion technology, impulses form in a controlled, pulsed manner to direct cleaning waves at surfaces where debris has collected. The cleaning cycle results from a complex process, but it’s fully managed by a simple, automated control system.


  • Intensive shock waves proactively dislodge flyash
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for steam sootblowing
  • Can integrate into plant control systems or operate independently
  • Enhances long-term operability
  • Small footprint
  • Quick installation and simple integration through existing access doors



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