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Fuel Tech Air Pollution Control TechnologiesIndustrial SCR Systems

Combine Experience, Design Expertise and Know-how to Produce the Best Possible SCR Design

SCR Model - IndustrialFuel Tech has extensive SCR design experience and understands “real world” plant operations, and has been applying this know-how on a wide range of SCR applications around the world. These projects include boilers, incinerators, reformers and many other types of heat recovery equipment firing coal, gas, oil, and a variety of process gases and waste fuels.

Maximizing SCR performance and minimizing its impact on plant operations requires a thorough understanding of each application. Our application review starts with an analysis of the fuel and flue gas properties, performance targets, and site constraints – this critical information is used to support the process optimization as well as the catalyst selection and arrangement.

Benefit from Fuel Tech's SCR System Experience:

  • Single-source Responsibility – from application analysis through implementation
  • In-house CFD and Experimental Modeling
  • 55,000+ MW experience of SCR process design
  • Guaranteed NOX Reduction Performance


Fuel Tech’s Extensive Experience and Financial Status Allows Single-source Responsibility

 In some cases, standalone SCR is not the only solution. We offer a full range of NOX reduction technologies – combustion and post-combustion – that can be integrated to deliver a more cost-effective solution while limiting balance-of-plant impacts. Our I-NOX™ Integrated NOX reduction technologies may be applied as a retrofit solution for existing units or may be incorporated into compliance plans for a Greenfield application, in some cases facilitating NOX reduction in excess of 80%. This wide range of capabilities allows us to approach each application as a solutions provider rather than an equipment supplier, for effective NOX control from the point of combustion to the stack.

SCR ductWhen the SCR performance goals can be met with a single catalyst layer, it provides a broader operating load range and enhanced fuel flexibility. In addition, reducing the catalyst volume results in lower system pressure drop and requires less outage time for the replacement.

CFD and experimental modeling are used together in an iterative process to arrive at the optimum SCR reactor configuration. Using this combined approach we are able to recommend optimal arrangements of duct configuration and flow correction devices in order to maintain appropriate flue gas velocities, temperature distribution, fly ash distribution, and NH3 to NOX distribution within the SCR system.

Our comprehensive program of services regarding catalyst management and SCR system performance enhancements is one of a kind in the industry. The program is not simply focused on catalyst management, but encompasses overall SCR system management. Cost effective and reliable operation of the SCR systems for the owner’s fleet is of the utmost importance to Fuel Tech. The consulting services associated with Fuel Tech’s programs are designed to compliment and supplement the performance guarantees and warranties provided by Catalyst OEMs, along with any other suppliers.

Industrial SCR Systems Include Design, Engineering, Procurement, Delivery, and Startup of Any Combination of the Following: