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TIFI® Targeted In-Furnace Injection™

Fuel Tech Chemical TechnologiesTIFI® Targeted In-Furnace Injection™ 

Fuel Tech's proprietary TIFI® Targeted In-Furnace Injection™ technology is an innovative approach to fireside treatment. The design of the process is individualized to each combustion unit, involving the use of two different forms of fluid dynamics modeling coupled with a virtual reality engine. Together, these simulation methods create a furnace model with injection overlays and dosage maps to predict the precise trajectory of an injected chemical, helping to ensure as close to 100% coverage of the targeted zones as possible.

TIFI Programs Offer Several Benefits to Fireside Treatment

  • Improve Fuel Flexibility
  • Reduce Slagging and Fouling
  • Heat Rate Improvements
  • CO2 Reduction
  • SO3 Mitigation
  • Minimize LPA (Large Particle Ash)
  • Reduce Air Heater Pressure Drop
  • Reduce ABS (Ammonium Bisulfate)
  • SCR Catalyst Life Extension


Boiler Before TIFI Program

TIFI Boiler before

Boiler After TIFI Program

TIFI Boiler after

TIFI Applications 


The most common application of our TIFI technology utilizes magnesium hydroxide slurry diluted with water and prior to injection. This mixture is sprayed into the combustion unit at locations defined by TIFI technology computer modeling, to maximize coverage of the problem areas. Such an approach causes the chemical reagent to react with slag as it is forming and penetrate existing deposits to affect the physical crystal characteristics in areas where this is required. This is also what gives the technology its strong SO3 abatement performance. 

The reagent is a specialty chemical slurry with high reactive ability due to its micron sized particles, and large surface area per unit volume ratio. This high activity results in reduced treatment dosages while its high stability eliminates many of the handling and feeding problems associated with unstabilized compounds.

 TIFI targets areas with advanced modeling

By targeting the problem areas of a furnace instead of targeting the fuel, the performance and cost effectiveness of TIFI® Targeted In-Furnace Injection™ programs are significantly improved.

The low dosage levels required for good performance are based on modification of the crystal structure of the slag as it is formed and adheres to tube surfaces. Finished crystal strength is significantly reduced by the penetration of nano-scale particles into the slag, allowing sootblowing to remove the deposits with little difficulty. Atomization takes place in accordance with the results of the Computational Fluid Dynamics model. 

Chemical feed rates are much lower than stoichiometric requirements, while ash fusion temperatures are unaffected.



TIFI FLEX™ programs build upon our TIFI technology and is specifically designed to provide users both slag control and fuel flexibility in order to burn less-expensive, yet higher-slagging coals such as Illinois Basin (ILB). The TIFI FLEX programs utilizes multiple reagents which are optimized to achieve maximum results and can also help mitigate corrosion from ILB fuels with high chlorine levels.


TIFI Flux™

TIFI Flux™ programs are specifically designed for cyclone boilers, especially those burning PRB and other low iron coals. TIFI Flux programs provide greater operating flexibility, lower power settings and avoiding the use of costly kerosene or primitive iron additives to meet the demands of cyclone units.


TIFI Hybrid™

This program is designed for oil-fired boilers and uses a combination of a TIFI CORE Program and in-fuel injection of TIFI MG chemical reagent. Our TIFI Hybrid programs maximize boiler performance on difficult, oil-fired units. Dependent upon your oil quality, a combustion catalyst may be added to the fuel to further enhance combustion performance.


TCI® Targeted Corrosion Inhibition™

Designed principally for boilers in the waste-to-energy (WTE) industry.

TCI® Targeted Corrosion Inhibition™ technology utilizes established TIFI technology to inhibit corrosion and slag build-up in a variety of solid- and liquid-fueled boilers.

The TCI program represents a unique chemical solution to chloride-induced corrosion of high-temperature surfaces, arising from the burning of plastics and other materials contained in municipal solid waste or refuse derived fuel (RDF). As the waste fuel is combusted, highly corrosive flue gases are generated in the WTE boiler, often resulting in tube failures and unplanned shutdowns. Depending upon the severity of tube corrosion, this condition may necessitate more frequent replacement of superheater pendant tube sections or the use of costly, higher alloyed materials, either to shield metal surfaces or serve as replacement tube material.

Tests conducted at commercial WTE units burning RDF demonstrated a reduction in corrosion rates in excess of 50%, coupled with a simultaneous improvement in slag control. Other potential applications for TCI technology include biomass and industrial boilers.



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Chemical Technologies Programs

  • TIFI®
    Targeted In-Furnace Fuel Injection
  • HClear®
    HCl Abatement Programs
    Slag and Fouling Control for Black Liquor Recovery Boilers
  • Redox-Hg
    Enhanced Mercury Removal for Wet FGD Scrubbers
  • TIFI Bio™
    Slagging and fouling control for biomass flexible fuel units