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DGI™ Dissolved Gas Infusion

Rapid, precise and highly effective oxygen dosing system


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DGI™ combines best on the market oxygen transfer efficiency with precision accuracy, to deliver an energy efficient and cost-effective water and wastewater treatment system. This cutting-edge technology, achieves superior rates of 99+% gas transfer by pre-dissolving high purity gas in a separate pressurized slipstream. The slipstream can reach up to 900 mg/l oxygen concentration, it is then added to the main volume of water and diluted to meet precise specifications. To guarantee high oxygen saturation rates, DGI is fitted with specially designed high-velocity channel injectors that help retain gas and optimize distribution. DGI can work as a rapid response option or augment underperforming legacy technologies in a wide range of water and wastewater treatment processes.


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Features & Benefits

  • The highest oxygen transfer efficiency available on the market at 99+%
  • 95% + dissolved oxygen infusion efficiency
  • Automatically adjusts oxygen dosage to meet process conditions
  • Rapid delivery of precise quantities of metered oxygen
  • Reduces reliance on chemicals for upset conditions and helps controls odor
  • Enhance or increase capacity of underperforming aeration systems
  • Avoid capital expansion outlay and minimize new footprint needs
  • Modular, compact, scalable systems for rapid deployment
  • Laboratory testing verified oxygen retention two feet below water surface
  • Support wastewater reuse goals


Water & wastewater treatment:

  • Rapid dosing to increase treatment capacity
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Abatement & Odor Control


  • Radically increasing plant yields
  • Maximize potential of limited water supplies

Food & beverage processes:

  • Increasing aeration capacity and flexibility
  • Ensuring wastewater is safe

Natural waters & reservoirs:

  • Algae bloom remediation or avoidance
  • Restoring water quality and biological health

Landfill leachate:

  • Instantly increasing treatment capacity

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Independently verified - highest oxygen dosage rates on the market

The DGI oxygenation system has been tested using a modified version of the Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water standard published by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE/EWRI 2-06). The test showed that 99+% of the oxygen introduced oxygen remained available for process requirements, such as biological digestion and chemical reactions. Results were peer-reviewed and endorsed by two independent industry experts and the white paper is available HERE.

How does DGI technology achieve such high oxygen transfer efficiency?

DGI significantly increases the rate at which dissolved oxygen is introduced into the water treatment process by using a pressure vessel. High purity oxygen is pre-dissolved in a pressurized slipstream, which can achieve over 900 mg/l oxygen concentration. The gas-laden slip stream fluid is then returned to the main volume of water at a 95% saturation rate and discharged through specially designed high-velocity channel injectors. The channel injectors are designed to maintain dissolved oxygen and provide optimal distribution, they also allow DGI to be used in shorter water columns. Sensors in the treatment zones can then automatically control concentrations of dissolved oxygen to maintain a consistent level. The DGI platform is designed to allow rapid deployment and quick remediation. The system is scalable and customized to meet the oxygen demand for a wide range of processes with capacities ranging from 10 – 10,000 lbs of oxygen per day.

Designing a system to meet specific requirements

The DGI oxygenation system achieves dosing rates that other aeration systems cannot, providing augmented treatment performance and rapid response versus traditional technologies. Fuel Tech’s expert product and processing engineering team can provide custom-designed solutions to fit unique applications for water or wastewater treatment. This process takes into account the desired final dissolved oxygen levels, required treatment time, the reduction of particular contaminants or seasonal variances. Contact Fuel Tech to discuss your water treatment needs.