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Blue dropRedox-Hg

Enhance Mercury Removal Capabilities of Wet FGDs

FGD scrubber 350Redox-Hg is a suspension of highly amorphous iron sulfide particles used to enhance the total mercury removal capabilities of wet FGD scrubber systems.

Through a combination of adsorption, chemical reduction, precipitation, and conversion to stable sulfide and iron-sulfide precipitates, Redox-Hg removes oxidized and elemental mercury from liquid and gaseous streams.



Features and Benefits:

  • Fast-acting response during startup, ORP and SCR excursions
  • Works within existing scrubber conditions with a small footprint
  • Reduces arsenic and selenium in water
  • Eliminates the potential of leachable heavy metals in solids
  • Non Toxic, easy to handle, low odor


Cost-effective Alternative to Wet Scrubber Additives (WSA)

Redox-Hg enhances the mercury removal capabilities of wet FGDs and is employed as the mercury control chemical of choice at plants generating over 9,000MW of power.

Program Benefits

  • Lowers total stack mercury by over 95%
  • Does not effect quality of fly ash or gypsum
  • Effective over a wide range of ORP (-200 to +700 mV) and pH (pH 4.5-7)


Plant data showing real-time quick response of Redox-Hg chemical injection


Chemical Technologies Programs

  • TIFI®
    Targeted In-Furnace Fuel Injection
  • HClear®
    HCl Abatement Programs
    Slag and Fouling Control for Black Liquor Recovery Boilers
  • Redox-Hg
    Enhanced Mercury Removal for Wet FGD Scrubbers
  • TIFI Bio™
    Slagging and fouling control for biomass flexible fuel units


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