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Boiler Testing and Monitoring Services


Services to Improve Boiler Efficiency, Heat Rate and Performance

Boiler inspection cameraWe understand the difficulty that coal-burning utilities face and offer testing services and assistance with interpreting your operational data necessary to be proactive in today’s energy market. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and provide the service package that’s best for you.

The benefits of Fuel Tech's boiler service expertise are: 

  • Supplement current testing and provide an outside perspective
  • Dedicated service technicians with years of experience
  • Custom data analysis and reports of findings
  • Fuel Tech provides all required equipment

 Three Service Package Options:


Boiler services

High Slagging Services

Bi-Monthly Service Visits to monitor slag and fouling tendencies, while providing recommendations to achieve optimal performance and meet economic goals.


High Sulfur Services

Quarterly Service Visits to monitor impact of high sulfur on boiler operations, while providing recommendations to minimize corrosion and fouling.


High Slagging / High Sulfur Combined Service

Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Service Visits to monitor impact of slagging and fouling tendencies, along with high sulfur effects on boiler operations.

Testing Services Include:

  • Slag Inspections
  • Infrared Camera (IR) Inspections
  • High Temperature Slag & Corrosion Monitoring
  • Low Temperature Corrosion Probe
  • HVT Testing
  • FEGT Measurement
  • CEGRIT Ash Sampling
  • High Volume Ash Sampling
  • Cold End Corrosion
  • Low Light Camera
  • SO3 Testing
  • NH3 Testing
  • Key Performance (KPI) Data Analysis