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Air Flow Testing

Improve Burner Stability, and Combustion Efficiency and Reduce NOx with Airflow Testing

Many combustion problems are caused by poor airflow distribution between burners. Fuel Tech's Combustion Airflow Testing program determines airflow distribution at the burner exit. Data are used to balance airflow, which can improve burner stability and combustion efficiency and reduce NOx emissions.


Fuel Tech's Airflow Testing Program

A test probe is inserted along the burner centerline. A sensing element is raised up and rotated around the burner perimeter. Data are collected automatically at 24 points to determine the burner average and distribution. An average of all burners determines the boiler mean.


Why Is Combustion Airflow Testing Necessary?

Airflow to burner is affected by burner loss coefficient, burner size and windbox cross flow. Large flow deviations around the burner can lead to burner instability and high CO, O2 and NOx emissions. These are caused by vortex flows in the windbox. Correcting this problem often requires modeling.