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Coal Flow

Coal Flow Testing

Combustion Optimization for Low NOx Control

The ASME Pulverized Coal Sampling System implements International Standard Organization Method ISO 9931 for sampling pulverized coal in a primary air stream. The accurate samples obtained can be used to assess both the size and relative mass flow of the coal in each burner pipe. This information is used to balance coal flow to the burners and optimize coal mill settings, preventing or eliminating a wide variety of boiler operating problems.

How Fuel Tech's Coal Flow Testing Can Reduce NOx Emissions

With reliable data on coal size and relative mass flow, burners can be balanced and mill operations optimized to obtain these benefits:

  • Minimum NOx emissions
  • Higher quality flyash for sale rather than disposal
  • Reduced replacement power costs by avoiding slagging, fouling and fireside corrosion
  • Fuel savings by minimizing excess air while controlling carbon losses
  • Pulverizers tuned for good performance with minimum wear
  • Balanced flames to avoid tube metal hotspots which can cause tube failures
  • Less risk of outages from excess burner line erosion
  • Testing of new coals under known, uniform firing conditions